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Are You Drinking Contaminents?

How long has it been since you've changed your water filter?  Don't let it get to the point that you are drinking unhealthy water. Just because the flavor and smell of the water hasn't changed, it doesn't mean that it does not contain contaminants.  Many contaminents are tasteless but can still be harmful.  If you frequently drink water from your refrigerator, your filter should be changed every 6 months.  Unhealthy chemicals and bacteria can be filtered out in a freshly changed filter.  Over time, as the filter ages, these unhealthy contaminents can get into your drinking water. 

By chanigng your water filter you can also extend the life of your refrigerator.  Prevent scaling build up in the lines when you keep fresh water flowing. If you allow the build up to stay in your lines, in the future you could be allowing these contaminents into your water.  

By changing your water filter at least every six months, you will be keeping your water safer and cleaner for your family.  



Why OEM Parts Make a Difference?

You’ve had your washing machine diagnosed, and it needs a belt.  What’s the best way to get a part? Is it better to get an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part or an aftermarket, off brand part?  There are several things to consider in your purchasing decision. We strongly recommend that you choose an OEM part as much as possible. 

Don’t let price be the only determining factor when selecting your parts.  There may be places that offer a part that looks the same, but is a lower price.  However, take into consideration that it may not be an OEM part. There are many “knock off” parts that look very similar, but are made by a different company.  Although the part appears similar, the quality and fit are very likely different. The circuit board may look the same, but because it isn’t OEM parts they won’t necessarily work, or last.  By purchasing an OEM part, you are getting the best quality part for your machine.  

OEM parts were created for your machine.  When you order your parts using the model number of your machine, you are guaranteed the right part with the right fit.  The parts are manufactured in the same way your washing machine was created. Choosing the OEM circuit board, belt, or motor will be more likely to be a working part.  Off brand products aren’t guaranteed to fit your machine and may even cause more damage to the machine when installed.  

When your machine has an error message and needs a certain part, replacing it with an off brand part could void the warranty.  By using an OEM part, you have the same part from the factory that was made for your machine. Many machines have a limited lifetime warranty.  By installing a non OEM part you may not only void the warranty on that particular part, but on other parts in the unit as well.  

Make the best choice for your machine by choosing OEM parts whenever possible.  Not only does this apply to washing machines, but to all household appliances. Treat your machine with the care of using OEM parts and it will last for years to come.