Warranty Information

Procedures for filing a replacement part warranty claim

Use our part warranty form. Information required to process claim:

  • Model and serial number of appliance
  • Consumers contact information
  • Original Fox invoice number for the defective part
  • Reason for replacement (what is wrong with the part)

After you have completed the form, use the buttons on the form to save a copy to your computer for your records and email a copy to [email protected] or use the print button to print a copy for your records and fax it to 404‐362‐2989.  Expect an email reply with further instructions for your part return. 

We will process your claim and ship a replacement part to you no charge or we will issue credit to your account. Whirlpool policy states that we ship a replacement part at no charge. Credit is not an option for Whirlpool parts. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

[email protected]800‐342‐5369