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Account Management

With the new Fox website, you can now manage many features of your account. 

You will find menu options for your account when you hover your mouse over your user icon.

Learn more:

My Account: Visit your Account Dashboard to view your Lists, approve orders, see recent orders, place a quick order, upload an order file, or make your Dashboard your home page.

Account Settings: Update your contact email or change your Website User password.

User Administration: Create a new User for your account.  You can create a new log in for an employee and set their website privileges through assigned roles.

Saved Orders:  View all saved orders. 

Order History: View previous orders, returns, order details, and order status. 

Order Approval:  As the administrator you can approve orders submitted by other users on your account.

My Lists:  Create lists for various projects, customers or frequently ordered products.  Quickly and easily order products you have saved on a List.

Change Customer/Ship To: At log in you will be prompted to select the ship to for the current order you are building (if you have multiple shipping addresses on file).  You can change the shipping for the current order.